Science, Inventions and Marketing

Beutenberg Campus 2013

In December 1998 the Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V. was founded. It provides a platform for the development of innovative strategies and also serves to encourage cooperation among its members. In addition, the association represents the interests of the research establishments and start-up centres. There are nine research institutes on the Campus including the Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft doing research at state-of-the-art level. The two start-up centres do business under the names of Technologie- und Innovationspark Jena (TIP) and BioInstrumentezentrum. They host more than fifty small biotechnology companies doing research for marketable products. All in all, there are approximately 3000 staff employed on the Campus. The total annual budget is approximately 150 million Euros.


Exchange and synergy

Preisträger 2010In November 2005, German President Horst Köhler singled out the Beutenberg Campus as a „Place of Ideas“. Inspired by this, the association donates the „Life Sciences and Physics award” to newly appointed PhDs or young scientists every year.


Sophisticated communication

Prof. Haber April 2010A focus on science and art is visible in many campus activities. The public, which is increasingly interested in science, is treated to exhibitions and a series of lectures which highlight the research activities of excellent scientists. As part of the „Public lectures on the Beutenberg Campus“ also referred to as „sophisticated communication“ and taking place twice a year.

The Beutenberg-Campus workshops

WorkshopIn order to facilitate productive collaborative efforts among young researchers, the first campus workshop, “Transfer of methods and concepts of biology and physics”, was organized in December 2006. Discussions centred on the possible application of methods in biomedical technology. How companies could work together and form the basis for new companies was a central theme.


open campus

Open campus_MPI-CE-228The research facilities of the institutions at the Beutenberg Campus in Jena cover a broad spectrum of experimental setups for research within Life Science and Physics. To promote interdisciplinary exchange it is necessary to encourage the scientific co-workers to keep updated regarding available research methods and concepts at the campus. The annual event “open campus“ was initiated for this purpose. Two institutes at a time open their doors to all Beutenberg campus co-workers for one day. In spring 2013 the first open campus day starts in the Max Planck Institutes.

‘Weiter bilden’ at Beutenberg

Poster_Weiterbildung… is an initiative of the Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V. association, which is concerned with the professional and personal development of people working on Beutenberg Campus. It offers employees courses tailored to their needs, leading to additional qualifications. Teaching is organised in a family-friendly way as it is near the workplace. All employees can suggest course topics in line with their own needs and thus influence the content of the study programme.

Courses are aimed at administrative, technical and scientific staff at Beutenberg. External participants are also always welcome. In-house presentations, open seminars and workshops, as well as professional and personal coaching, are also part of our portfolio of services. We regularly provide information about new developments in legislation on administrative or travel costs, for example. We offer language and computer courses, and carry out certified training sessions in ‘Safety in genetic engineering’.

Beutenberg employees come from many different countries. Most training is therefore offered not only in German but also in English or in bilingual form. We also regularly run German and English courses, aimed at helping new arrivals to Jena to settle in and find their way round.



Campus Chamber Choir BeutenbergIn addition to daily get-togethers over lunch, students and employees of the Beutenberg-Campus member institutes can meet with friends or colleagues at the weekly rehearsals of the „Campus Chamber Choir“, led by students of the Franz Liszt School of Music, Weimar. The a capella choir performs on the occasion of various public campus events.