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Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute

The Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI) has dedicated to biomedical aging research since 2004. Research is focused on “Stem cell aging and organ maintenance”, “Accumulation of molecular damages and (epi-)genetics of aging”, as well as on “Computational biology of aging”. The main aim of research at FLI is to delineate how aging leads to the development of tissue dysfunction and diseases in the elderly. If the understanding of the aging process contributes to the extension of healthy lifespan, the strains on society can be minimized and the society’s future development will be enriched by the wealth of knowledge and experience older people possess.




Leibniz-Institut für Alternsforschung - Fritz-Lipmann-Institut e.V. (FLI)
Beutenbergstraße 11
07745 Jena



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