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VMT Job Ticket

Since January 2013, staff of Beutenberg Campus institutions who are members of Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V. have been entitled to a public transport ‘Job Ticket’ from the Mittelthüringischer Verkehrsverbund (central Thuringian transport network). 

Exceptions are the Beutenberg-based institutes of Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, and Jena University Hospital, which already have access to the Job Ticket through separate arrangements. 

Jena’s public transport system, Jenaer Nahverkehrs GmbH, and Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V. concluded a framework agreement in December 2012 which enables Beutenberg staff to order discounted season tickets for travel in and between Jena and a few other towns in Thuringia (Verbundtarif Mittelthüringen – VMT). Please note that a person has to be employed in order to have such a season ticket and the ticket has to be returned when this employment comes to an end. Since January 2015, the minimum term for a Job Ticket has been just 4 months.

Further Information: www.vmt-thueringen.de

Price list: https://www.nahverkehr-jena.de/tickets/job-ticket.html