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German language courses for advanced beginners (A1.3) // Additional Course

Learning the German language?
You want to progress – step by step?
Immer ein bisschen mehr, immer ein bisschen besser?

You know numbers, the alphabet, first essential phrases and questions. You can introduce yourself and others? You can introduce yourself and other people? You can talk about your hobbies with friends and organize your spare time? – And now you want to go ahead?

Than: Join the follow-up course scheduled for 12 meetings, twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The training program of the Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V “weiter bilden am Beutenberg” offers German language courses for beginners which cover the A1 level. These courses will take place twice a week throughout the term of 6 weeks. To create a good learning atmosphere we intend to have small class sizes (5 min / 12 max).

In this course “German language for the advanced beginners” you will gain a deeper insight into German language and German habits. You learn to understand and to write simple spoken and written texts. You can orientate yourself in a foreign city and ask for the way? You can make and manage your appointments in German language? The grammar patterns will be bound to the topics and language exercises and thus meet your communicative requirements on A1 level.

Topics of the course:

  • In the workplace
  • accepting and refusing invitations
  • Social life around
  • Public authorities
  • Why don’t you bring you own special topic?

The small group gives the opportunity to provide feedback on your pronunciation and to improve it at the same time. Furthermore you will be supported in developing your learning strategies.

To estimate your own linguistic proficiency you may follow this link: https://www.cornelsen.de/sites/einstufungstest/EINSTUFUNGSTEST_DAF_A1_DT_48755/index.html

We recommend to share your result of this test with your language trainer within the first meeting. Thus you will get the opportunity to particularly improve your personal steps forward into the German language.

The access to an internet platform with all suitable information concerning this course will support your effort to establish yourself in Jena.

Start: Monday, January 20, 2020

Time: 18:45 h - 20:15 h

Venue: Conference room E0.2.207, Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg, Hans-Knöll-Str. 1, Beutenberg Campus

Costs: € 195,- / Person

Partner: JenDaF www.jendaf.de

Please be aware that your registration is binding. We assume that you register in accordance with your superior respectively your institution, as long as you do not intend to participate as private person.

Thank You!

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