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Beutenberg Campus Award - Life Science and Physics

Every year the best scientists:inside at the Beutenberg are awarded with the science prizes "Life Science and Physics" of the Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V. in three categories:

Category 1  "Dissertation Award"

Category 2  "Young Researcher Award"

Category 3   "Excellent Interdisciplinary Cooperation" (since 2023)

The prizes, which are currently worth 1000 euros each, are provided by the Beutenberg-Campus  Jena e.V.

Candidate:s proposals for the 2024 award ceremony can still be sent by mail or e-mail to the campus office until Friday, March 22, 2024.  

All candidates proposed by the institutes in the category "Dissertation Award" will also receive an invitation to participate free of charge in the workshop "Careersteps in Life Sciences and Physics", which will be hosted once a year. The award ceremony will take place during the public lecture series "Noble Talks".

We are looking forward to your proposals!


Previous Award Winners

Awarded Scientists
  • 2005 Prof. Dr. Christian Hertweck, HKI
    "Über das Verständnis der mikrobiellen Polypeptidbiosynthese zu neuen Wirkstoffen“

  •  2006 -

  •  2007 Dr. Jörg Degenhardt, MPI-CE
    "Biosynthese und ökologische Funktionen von pflanzlichen Terpenen“

  •  2008 Priv.-Doz. Dr. Wolfgang Fritzsche, IPHT

  • 2009 Dr. Matthias Brock, HKI 
    "Biochemie und Physiologie huma-pathogener filamentöser Pilze“

  • 2010 Dr. Robert Möller, IPHT 
    "Chipbasierte Bioanalytik“

  • 2011 PD Dr. Bejamin Dietzek, IPHT

  • 2012 Dr. Martin Jung, MPI-BGC
    "Analyse des globalen Stoff- und Energieaustauschs“

  • 2013 Prof. Dr. Alexander Szameit, FSU-IAP
    "Diamant-/Kohlenstoffbasierte optische Systeme“

  • 2014 -

  • 2015 Dr. Ute Neugebauer, IPHT und UKJ der FSU Jena
    "Klinisch-Spektroskopische Diagnostik"

  • 2016 -

  • 2017 PD Dr. Thomas Bocklitz, FSU Jena/IPHT
    "Extraktion biomedizinischer Informationen 
    aus photonischen Daten"

  • 2018 Dr. Patrick Roberts, MPI-SHH
    "Entwicklung stabiler Isotopen-Methoden zur Untersuchung von Interaktionen zwischen Mensch und Paläoklima, Paläoumwelt, Paläodiät sowie Paläomobilität“

  • 2018 Dr. Selene Mogavero, HKI
    "Mikrobielle Pathogenitätsmechanismen“

  • 2019 Dr. Pierre Stallforth, HKI
    “Chemistry of Microbial Communication“

  • 2019 Alessandro Ori, Ph.D., FLI
    “Aging of Protein Complexes: The Building Blocks of our Body“

  • 2020 -

  • 2021 Dr. Mark Sebastian Gresnigt, HKI
    „Mikrobielle Pathogenitätsmechanismen – Adaptive Pathogenitätsstrategien“­­

  • 2022 Dr. Ana Bastos, MPI-BGC
    „Climate-ecosystem-disturbance interactions“­

  • 2023 Dr. Tobias Vogl, Institute of Applied Physics - Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
    „Integrated Quantum Systems“

Awarded Dissertations
  • 2005 Dr. Claudia Voelckel, MPI-CE
    "Herbivore-Induced Changes in the Transcriptome of Nicotiana attenuata

  • 2006 Dr. Andrea Walther, HKI
    "Molekulare Analysen des Aktinzytoskeletts des polaren Wachstums in Ashbya gossypii und Candida albicans“

  • 2007 Dr. Robert Möller, IPHT 
    "DNA-Chips mit elektrischer Detektion - Entwicklung und Anwendung eines Affinitäts-Chips mit elektrisch-resistivem Nachweis“

  • 2008 Dr. Kerstin Riedel, FLI 
    "Methoden zur Untersuchung biologischer Moleküle mittels Festkörper-Kernresonanzspektroskopie“

  • 2008 Dr. Carsten Sachse, FLI 
    "High-resolution electron cryo-microscopy of amyloid fibrils“

  • 2009 Dr. Shree Prakash Pandey, MPI-CE 
    "The role of small RNAs in regulating stress-induced responses in Nicotiana attenuata

  • 2010 Dr. Jessica Meinhardt, FLI
    "Structural polymorphism of Alzheimer's Amyloid-ß aggregates"

  • 2011 Dr. Marcel Thön, HKI
    "Redox regulation of the Aspergillus nidulans CCAAT-binding factor (AnCF)" ”

  • 2012 Dr. Alexander Heidt, IPHT 
    "Novel coherent supercontinuum light sources based on all-normal dispersion fibers"

  • 2013 Dr. Daniel Henry Scharf, HKI
    "Neue Mechanismen der Regulation und Biochemie von Penicillin- und Gliotoxin-Biosynthese in Aspergillus sp.

  • 2014 Dr. Tom Bretschneider, HKI
    "In-vitro-Charakterisierung nicht-kanonischer Ketosynthasen und Imaging-Massenspektrometrie von Naturstoffen“

  • 2015 Dr. Qian Chen, HKI
    "Autoantibodies and a factor H-related hybrid protein deregulate complement in dense deposit disease" 

  • 2015 Dr. Dr. Alexander Schulz, FLI
    "Die Rolle des Tumorsuppressorproteins Merlin bei der Pathogenese von NF2-assoziierter Polyneuropathie"

  • 2016 Dr. Matthias Forkel, MPI-BGC
    "Controls on Global Greening, Phenology and the Enhanced Seasonal CO2 Amplitude. Integrating Decadal Satellite Observation and Global Ecosystem Models”

  • 2017 Dr. Dapeng Li, MPI-CE
    "Tissue and population-level diversity in plant secondary metabolism: a systematic exploration using MS/MS structural analysis”

  • 2018 Dr. Arne Sahm, FLI
    “Positive selection in long-lived rodents and short-lived fishes – A bioinformatics search for the genetic basis of aging

  • 2019 Dr. Susanne Ackermann, HKI
    “PreisRolle des humanen Apolipoprotein E im angeborenen Immunsystem“

  • 2020 Dr. Franziska Erberl, MPI-CE
    "Tripartite relationships: The chemical ecology of tree-herbivore-pathogens interactions“

  • 2020 Dr. Mario Chemnitz, Leibniz-IPHT
    "Novel soliton dynamics in liquid-core optical fibers“

  • 2021 Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Khallaf Ali, MPI-CE
    "Wired for love: Evolutionary Neurobiology of Sexual Communication in Drosophila

  • 2021 Dr. Sarah Patricia Niehs, HKI
    "Genomics-Driven Discovery of Natural Products from Symbiotic Bukholderia Species“

  • 2022 Dr. Mario Krespach, HKI
    "The role of natural products in a novel tripartite interaction between fungi, bacteria, and green algae"

  • 2023 Dr. Christin Reimer, HKI
    "Engineering of polyketide production routes in the amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum"