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Guest flats

It is not always easy to find a place to stay in Jena. For this reason, some property owners have specialised in offering furnished accommodation for guests who are in Jena for a few weeks or months.


You can find further information with the following links:

New flats at Dammstraße

In 2019 newly built flats, mainly for foreign scientists who wish to be integrated in Jena, will be available at Dammstraße. If you are interested please contact at 

Iris Bach Bechstedt
Hausverwaltung Bach
Wenigenjenaer Ufer 2
07749 Jena
Tel.: +493641376066
Fax: +493641376083

mail: info(at)hausverwaltung-irisbach.de


Short-term rent in the "Smart Quarter" in Jena-Lobeda

"Apartment rent on time" is possible from June 01, 2022 in the Smarten Qurtier Jena -Lobeda, Ziegesarstraße 13. The offer is aimed at institutions that want to provide or arrange for employees a fully furnished apartment as a temporary solution for a flat rate. The minimum rental period is 6 months. Detailed information on apartment sizes, rental prices and contact persons can be found at: https://www.smartes-quartier.de/