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Welcome to Beutenberg!

‘professional training at Beutenberg’ [weiter bilden am Beutenberg] is an initiative aimed at the career and personal development of those working on the Beutenberg Campus. Each institute and company on the campus knows best which demands it has to meet in order to future-proof itself, and knows too how to support its employees in meeting these demands. Professional training focused on these requirements allows individual qualifications to be adapted to changing demands.

We offer seminars and workshops open to all, which can also be made available in a form specifically organised for, and tailored to, in-house requirements. Individual advice and coaching are additional building blocks of our programme.


Our Program



Dr. Christiane Meyer
Beutenberg-Campus Jena e.V.
“weiter bilden am Beutenberg”

Hans-Knöll-Str. 1 (Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg)
07745 Jena


Tel.: +49 (0)3641 9 400 955

Fax: +49 (0)3641 9 400 957

E-Mail: weiterbilden@beutenberg.de


The advantages of on-site professional training

  • Needs-oriented approach of the courses offered
  • Networking possibilities: colleagues have the opportunity of getting to know each other better and of learning more about each other’s activities. This stimulates exchanges and possibly also new opportunities for cooperation.
  • Work and family can be more easily combined, because the activities are close to both work and home.

Our approach

… offers flexibility as its top priority

A system for providing professional training has been set up at the Beutenberg Campus, offering a wide range of seminars and workshops open to all, as well as in-house coaching and advisory services. We cater particularly for all those who work at the scientific institutes and companies based at Beutenberg, focussing especially on technicians and administrative staff.

‘professional training at Beutenberg’ is currently working on the creation of a special series of professional courses for Beutenberg Campus staff.

The aim of this professional training programme is to give all Beutenberg Campus employees – not just technical staff – the opportunity to attend various courses, so as to update the knowledge and skills relevant to their work on a continual basis. For this reason, it is important that the courses on offer be easily integrated into an employee’s working life – both as regards subject matter and timing.

The individual courses will be offered as modules, so that each topic can be chosen separately, but the various modules can also build on one another.

The individual sessions should:

  • not last longer than three hours
  • enable intensive learning in small groups
  • take place at regular intervals (in the morning rather than the afternoon)


Our Partners

Volkshochschule Jena

Find the current program of Volkshochschule Jena here.

Avance Academy

Compact, appropriate and hands-on: This is what Avance Academy stands for in qualification. Experts impart their knowledge in two- to six-hour training schemes dealing with topical issues in business – and beyond. Most of the events can be booked as inhouse seminars, in English and German. Please ask for special prices for employees of the Beutenberg Campus!